I love both Policy & Politics. Often they are misunderstood. My views on Policy & Politics often get me in trouble with family, friends, colleagues & alumni. However personally i will be a lone stranger in the crowd of hundreds of alumni from my school (SST) or college (IIM) than comply with the thought police among them. I am not here to win miss popularity contest. I will rather speak my mind than be shut up. Satyamev Jayate

Christy Woodward Kaupert, Phd Public Policy, The University of Texas at San AntonioAnswered May 10, 2018

Harold Laswell describes politics as the struggle over power basically. It is the determinant of who gets what, when and how; but I would also include the question why. Policy is the product of that struggle. It takes a couple of different forms. It can be distributive, or redistributive (what), regulatory (how) or purely symbolic in nature. Economic policy or international policy are specific types and can fall into any of the above overarching categories

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