Since Childhood I was very found of reading, listening, watching Media. First to grab the newspaper, even writing letters to the editors or even occasional articles in newspapers. This came from parents. After I MBA at IIMA when i joined GE, learnt a valuable model call PIE Model in one of the Leadership Training session. WIll write a blog on PIE Model but in summary what is says is that Performance is must but and entry ticket but has 10% weightage, Image is What others think of you and has 20% weightage and Exposure is Who knows about you and what you do. (people who see your message) and weightage of 70%

Performance is Key: Your everyday work, always with unyielding Integrity

  • Make a difference on every job and perform each with the goals of the organization in mind
  • Develop a reputation for delivering results
  • Take the hard job…err on the side of the bigger challenge
  • Do everything with a sense of urgency and a drive to win
  • Make each decision in the best interest of the business
  • Take risks, present new ideas but always relate them directly to current business needs

Image= Brand: What others think of you, if you are not sure if your image is consistent with your career goals, ask for guidance

  • The only way to see yourself as others see you is to ask others for an honest assessment of what they see
  • If your goal is leadership, it is helpful to take a measure of your image and compare it with the image of other successful leaders in the business
  • You can change your image if you are open to self-improvement.

Exposure: Who knows about you and what you do. Often you will have to make the first move, but remember, exposure means you are exposed!

  • Get to know others on a personal level when it is comfortable
  • Listen when others tell you about themselves
  • Develop a reputation for knowing what you are doing
  • Broadcast successes – people cannot read into your minds!
  • Be willing to lend a helping hand
  • Ask for project work, task forces, stretches

Remember, you OWN your PIE!

  • Strong business performance is the ticket to entry and is the mandatory in this equation
  • You only can decide upon and solidify your image
  • Good managers can help you get exposure, but they can’t do it all for you

Various entrepreneurship platforms and volunteering work that I am involved in also need an application of PIE model so i try to ensure that the message of entrepreneurship and volunteering gets widest possible exposure.

Bharat  BEN Launched by on 11th Feb 2017

BusinessWorld Bharat-Entrepreneurs Network BEN Launched For Underprivileged Indian Entrepreneurs

Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Bharat by BW on 9th Feb

BW Disrupt Accelerating Entrepreneurship In BHARAT



Bihar Entrepreneurs Network launched in May 2011

Litti Pe Charcha on 10/10 in around 100+ cities across the world

Timesofindia Polls-spark-litti-pe-charcha-sessions-in-100-US-cities

Meeting with PM Narendra Modi at Waldorf , NYC during his Investment Visit in US 

Timesofindia Ahead-of-polls-PM-meets-Bihari-NRIs-in-US

Patna Marathon – Patna-Marathon-to build-brand-Bihar





Jharkhand Investors Summit America 2016

India Against Corruption 2011

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