1000+ Interesting Conversations on Road

Few years back I tried my hands at Uber & Lyft and it was an amazing life experience with thousand plus conversations with strangers. Few of them became friends too. Will not name any person due to privacy reasons My route: I usually try to get on Route 237 & Merge into 101 North whichContinue reading “1000+ Interesting Conversations on Road”

Chai Pe Charcha on Clubhouse

Hope you have been lucky to get an invite to Clubhouse and joined or started few Clubs. Thanks to one of my friends Monalisa Chati, I got an invite too last week. Since than have joined many interesting conversations on start-ups, alumni groups, politics and so on. Myself & our teams have been using majorContinue reading “Chai Pe Charcha on Clubhouse”

YEN Internship

YEN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: YEN INTERN MEETTime: Oct 2, 2020 08:00 PMJoin Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/4010501988?pwd=Y09QeDhUVTJnVVpxUUZyQ3RrVTNvZz09 Meeting ID: 401 050 1988Passcode: BootcampThose who are interested in internship in YEN kindly join Entrepreneurship is challenging to start and run, all the way. Challenges faced can be that of lack of funding, insufficientContinue reading “YEN Internship”

YEN Bootcamp 16-19 Aug 2020

YEN is organising 3 days Bootcamp- ‘ALL ABOUT STARTUPS’ Learn everything about entrepreneurship from the veterans in just three sessions and also get opportunity to pitch your business idea. Register Now at Just INR 499/-https://rzp.io/l/YENBootCamp OrBecome YEN Member and get the Bootcamp entry and other benefits across the year. Membership is only INT 1499/- VisitContinue reading “YEN Bootcamp 16-19 Aug 2020”

TiEcon 2020 Speakers

Like may previous years, TiEcon 2020 is also shaping up well with a great line up of investors, entrepreneurs, speakes, Looking forward to it. Even with the disruption of Covid19 pandemic, had not dampened our spirits and the organizing team, volunteers are working diligently and passionately via online events, named as Road to TiEcon WillContinue reading “TiEcon 2020 Speakers”

For Profit Ventures

Since Childhood, i get attracted to social services , community building and most of my time has gone into volunteering or running non-profit social ventures. Yes I also have dabbled into for-profit ventures or jobs in private sector too but i naturally get drawn towards changes the world social impact ventures. Here I will tryContinue reading “For Profit Ventures”

For Frontline Heroes

iOS : https://tinyurl.com/ydz8jo59 Android : https://tinyurl.com/ybk22rcm           Here are some of the info on FFH app : In the fight against Corona, while the majority of people remain safe in their homes under lockdown, across the world thousands are active in the service of their nation and humanity. Despite great personal risk toContinue reading “For Frontline Heroes”

Over 200,000 H1B Visa workers will lose right to work & live in US

  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-28/200-000-h-1b-workers-could-lose-right-to-work-live-in-the-u-s?sref=8dfGsBH7 Wondering how are we as society going to respond to this Man made (Trump made) Tsunami on top of the Covid19 pandemic ? Like many other immigrants from India, China and rest of World I came to US on a Work Visa ( L1A visa). My company GE had transferred me from HyderbadContinue reading “Over 200,000 H1B Visa workers will lose right to work & live in US”

Here’s who’s hiring right now – Andrew Seaman

In these difficult times during Covid19 pandemic, wanted to share something positive to cheer up. Unemployment in US & Globally has hit record levels and in these difficult times, every positive news or opportunity is worth sharing. Here’s who’s hiring right now Published on March 31, 2020 Andrew SeamanLinkedIn news editor for job seekers andContinue reading “Here’s who’s hiring right now – Andrew Seaman”