1000+ Interesting Conversations on Road

Few years back I tried my hands at Uber & Lyft and it was an amazing life experience with thousand plus conversations with strangers. Few of them became friends too. Will not name any person due to privacy reasons

My route:
I usually try to get on Route 237 & Merge into 101 North which takes me to University Avenue ( Palo Alto) which has a very pleasing view especially lot of Universities Startups, VCs, (Industries of my interest/passion). Some days will go as far as SF and on the way cross Redwood City, San Mateo, Millbrae. Some days, will choose to go to the East Side via Milpitas. Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Oakland

My Passengers:
Commuters to the local Bus Stand, Train Station, Airports, Major Corporations based in Silicon Valley including Google, Apple, Facebook LinkedIn, Yahoo,
…. will update more in coming days

Published by Atul Kumar

https://atulkumar.org is a central portal for all my social and business ventures Facebook Page, Group & profile https://www.fb.com/atultech https://therenventure.com https://yen2020.org https://bharatnetwork.org http://wen1.org https://iimsociety.org Am a San Jose CA based Multipreneur in Healthcare & Education Entrepreneur with love for technology, culture, history, politics,society, development, bihar, india, iim, spirituality etc. and hope to contribute my 2 bits for a better world

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