TiEcon 2020

I have been volunteering for TiE since many years. Used to occasionally participate in TiE events in NY / NJ as well when I was in East Coast. I moved to San Jose CA (SF Bay Area) in 2015 and got involved very closely as a volunteer. I have not taken the TiE Chartered membership yet since my own ventures couldn’t justify the annual fees, Another reason is that as one of the most passionate and regular volunteers contributed more than fair share already in few ways. Few years back led the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) program for middle and high school students. My role was mainly to be one of the Volunteer Program Managers for TYE and bring wildly successful entrepreneurs and VCs including Founding members like Kanwal Rekhi, Suhas Patil , Prabhu Goel and few other successful entrepreneurs, investors.

This year I accepted the role of Track Manager for AI?ML in TiEcon 2020. We have many accomplished entrepreneurs/leaders like Mini Suri & Lalit Gujare as Track Chairs. I was happy to accept the role of Track Manager. The Chairs are expected to bring the speakers, sponsors and lead the Track and myself as the Track Manager supposed to help the chairs in co-ordination. We also have few student volunteers to support us besides the Staff Members of TiE , https://sv.tie.org/team/ like
Neha Mishra, Senior Director, TiE SV
Nihar Patwardhan, Program Manager, TiE SV
Vanie Suresh, Manager, Finance & Charter Membership , TiE SV
Gennyvie Montiel, Manager, Business Development, TiE SV

What is most exciting about TIE & TiEcon is that the team also operates like entrepreneurs and we responded to the Covid19 pandemic by switching the much awaited 2 days event at Santa Clara Convention Center to a Global & Digital event. I am also volunteering with Anand Akela who is leading TiE Marketing volunteer team for many years. In his day job Anand is Product Marketing Leader for Nutanix. One of the innovative ways TiE team responded is by organizing a series of online events leading to TiEcon 2020 as Road to TiEcon. This TiEcon was very special to me for another reason. One of most iconic leaders Indra Nooyi as Grand Keynote speaker. She happens to be an IIMC alumni so am doubly proud as an IIMA aumni, Yes we both are IIM alumni. I also happen to be one of the co-founders & Director of IIM Society.

Quoting Details about TIE & TiEcon from Wikipedia instead of relying on my own memory
TiE was founded in 1992 by the trio of an Indian-American businessman and angel investor, Kanwal Rekhi; an MIT professor and founder of Cirrus LogicSuhas Patil; and the founder of Gateway Design AutomationPrabhu Goel


TiE has 60 chapters in 17 countries. It holds several events throughout the year to promote networking and raise capital for start-ups. TiE Global Summit II and TiE Inflect in Silicon Valley are the organization’s flagship events. Besides the flagship events, the organization connects with its members through a series of annual gatherings, such as TiECON.


TiECON is an annual TiE event. The March 2018 TiECON was held in Mohali. It was organized by the Chandigarh Chapter President, Alok Ramsisaria, and Executive Director, Harpreet Minhas, at the Indian School of Business. Approximately 40 start-ups participated and a cumulative funding of ₹36 million (US $554,400) was raised. Prominent attendees at the event included the state’s Chief MinisterAmarinder Singh, and the British High Commissioner to IndiaDominic Asquith.

Published by Atul Kumar

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