We have thousands of Sainik School Tilaiya Alumni spread globally specially in Bharat. We are connected to each other via Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and many other online platforms. Currently we don’t have one Global Online Platform and Org for all students and alumni of all the batches and that is what we will achieve via a website/portal.
Purpose & Benefits

  • All Students, Alumni, Teachers of SST will be able to create a professional and social profile
  • Will be able to post opportunities – jobs, startups, higher education
  • Update news, events about School and our alumni
  • Seek & Give help from each other
  • Most importantly we will be able to discover, connect and colloborate with each other
  • DIscussion forum for issues of imortance for Sainik School Tilaiya, Society and ways we can give back
  • This post is just to to start the brinstorming and co-creation

    Action Plan
    Book Domain
    – done (

    Develop Website – May 2020
    Start registration of alumni – June 2020

About Sainik School Tilaiaya

Sainik School TilaiyaJharkhandIndia, prepares boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the Defence Services and those who follow other paths, for responsible positions in other walks of life.


The laying of the foundation stone of Sainik School was on 16 Sept 1963. The school was created by the efforts of the then Union Defence Minister, Late V K Krishna Menon, the Chief Minister from Bihar Late K B Sahay and scholar Principal Lt Col LEG Smith. Today it is top ranking nursery to the NDA.

Sainik School Tilaiya
सैनिक स्कूल तिलैया
Sainik School Tilaiya, P.O. Tilaiya Dam
Tilaiya Dam, Jharkhand, 825413
TypeDefence Nursery
Mottoअग्रे सरत सर्वदा
(Forward Ever)
Established16 September 1963
FounderV.K. Krishna Menon
School boardC.B.S.E.
School districtKoderma
AuthorityMinistry of Defence, Government of India
OversightSainik Schools Society
Years offeredVI to XII
Medium of languageEnglish
Color(s)Red and Steel Gray
Team nameTilaiyans
YearbookThe Tilaiyan
Feeder toNational Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy

Located nearly 1 km from Tilaiya dam in the district of Koderma, Sainik School Tilaiya is 18 km away from the nearest rail head – Koderma on the Howrah – Delhi chord line nearer to Gaya. The Chhotanagpur Plateau and Tilaiya provide a backdrop to the school.

Entrance to Sainik School Tilaiya is competitive and coordinated nationally by Sainik Schools Society. The entrance exam covers questions on Mathematics, English and Reasoning. Further, applicants go through interviews and medical examinations before being offered admission

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2 thoughts on “SST63.ORG

  1. U have given a nice sketch of SST. Except for zila schools there were hardly good schools with competent teachers in Bihar when Sainik schools were envisioned after China debacle in 1962.
    The purpose was mainly to prepare good officers for army and impart them officer like socialization and culture from early days.Sainik schools have served their objectives very well. However , those who had to go in civilian life didn’t miss the leadership lessons they learnt/ learn in these schools and have proved themselves assets wherever they r.. They have made their mark in whichever field they have gone. They r adventurous, risk taking, innovative . They get casted in a different metal altogether in 5-6 years of school training.

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