Ek Din Bik Jaayega Mati Ke Mol

एक दिन बिक जाएगा माटी के मोलजग में रह जाएँगे, प्यारे तेरे बोलएक दिन बिक जाएगा माटी के मोलजग में रह जाएँगे, प्यारे तेरे बोलदूजे के होंठों को देकर अपने गीतकोई निशानी छोड़, फिर दुनिया से डोलएक दिन बिक जाएगा माटी के मोलजग में रह जाएँगे, प्यारे तेरे बोलअनहोनी पथ में कांटे लाख बिछाएहोनी तोContinue reading “Ek Din Bik Jaayega Mati Ke Mol”

Over 200,000 H1B Visa workers will lose right to work & live in US

  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-28/200-000-h-1b-workers-could-lose-right-to-work-live-in-the-u-s?sref=8dfGsBH7 Wondering how are we as society going to respond to this Man made (Trump made) Tsunami on top of the Covid19 pandemic ? Like many other immigrants from India, China and rest of World I came to US on a Work Visa ( L1A visa). My company GE had transferred me from HyderbadContinue reading “Over 200,000 H1B Visa workers will lose right to work & live in US”

Bihar Bangalore Corona Support

भैयारी सेवा संघRequest from Praveen Pandey jee of Bihar Bangalore Corona Support WhatsApp Group [12:21, 4/27/2020] Praveen Pandey: I would request each one you to share this group link every Corona warrior all over Bangalore who want work with us in our noble cause .. we all are great Corona warrior we can work togetherContinue reading “Bihar Bangalore Corona Support”

Here’s who’s hiring right now – Andrew Seaman

In these difficult times during Covid19 pandemic, wanted to share something positive to cheer up. Unemployment in US & Globally has hit record levels and in these difficult times, every positive news or opportunity is worth sharing. Here’s who’s hiring right now Published on March 31, 2020 Andrew SeamanLinkedIn news editor for job seekers andContinue reading “Here’s who’s hiring right now – Andrew Seaman”

AshaSV Covid Efforts

I moved to Silicon Valley in Oct 2015 and one of the most fulfilling parts has been discovering some amazing organizations, people, and social work being done here. Of course, this is Silicon Valley so some of the most innovative companies of the world are here and so are some of the smartest talents, especiallyContinue reading “AshaSV Covid Efforts”

Education in pc ERA

draft version 22 Apr 2020 11:36am This week completed 1 month of daily zoom.us call organized by Vishal Kumar of https://learningwhiletravelling.com/  at 10pm EST, Topics are a wide range and participants are also from varying backgrounds but mainly Entreprenurs & Students.  Last two sessions have been on Education.  Yesterday and today I spoke a lotContinue reading “Education in pc ERA”

BC is Before Corona now

Most of the world currently runs by Roman/Western Calendar system where BC stands for Before Christ and AD B.C.” stands for the English phrase “before Christ,” but “A.D.” stands confusingly for a Latin phrase: anno domini (“in the year of the Lord”—the year Jesus was born). … Traditionally “A.D.” was placed before the year numberContinue reading “BC is Before Corona now”

Covid19 Efforts by Alumni & Friends

Bangalore Biharis –
Praveen Pandey, Bihar Foundation Bangalore, RSS Sewabharati & team
Mumbai Jharkhandis – Aravind Kumar & JPS team
Delhi Covid Avengers Team – Amar Chaudhary & Chakhna team (IIMA 2016)
Chennai/India: Kaleidofin
Sucharita Mukherjee IIMA 2001 MBA  & team
AshaSV (Asha Silicon Valley) https://ashanet.org/covid-19-relief-fundraiser/
Sainik School Tilaiya alumni